Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this conference compete with VL?
A: No, this conference replaces VL. But, it also broadens the scope to the purpose behind visual, multimedia, or other new non-traditional kinds of languages, tools, and environments, namely making new ones available whose purpose is better/easier use by humans. Please have a look at last years conference, HCC'01, which gives you more information on topics of HCC.
Q: What other kinds of work does this conference cover?
A: Anything having to do with languages/environments that humans might be more successful using than past approaches. Besides the above subjects, this includes empirical work, software engineering implications and approaches supporting these new languages/environments, and any techniques (whether visual, audio, multimedia, or whatever) that help to achieve the above goal.
Q: What does human-centric stand for?
A computer science approach in which the machine is a servant to the user, languages, environments and solutions that essentially care for the humans. Previously we had centered on visual communication between a user and a program through the interface, now that we are having larger bandwidths, cheaper processors, high definition displays, etc. we may try to accomodate better all human senses (all five) to enable a richer communication with programs.

Last modification: 11/15/2001, Mark Minas