Stresa, Italy
September 5-7, 2001

Special Event: Children's Programming Odyssey

This is a half-day event consisting of:

  1. Presentations of at least four innovative children's programming languages:

    The emphasis of each presentation will be on (1) the language's underlying principles, (2) feedback from experimentation with children, and (3) insights into the strengths and limitations.

  2. A limited number of additional presentations by participants from the research community on related projects. Anyone interested in participating should send a brief (not to exceed two pages) description of their proposed presentation to Allen Ambler <>.

  3. A panel discussion of the state-of-the-art of children's programming, what's real and what's possible.

NSF Sponsored Student Participation

Call for Participation

The National Science Foundation will provide travel expenses for a lucky ten invited student participants (from the U.S.) of the 2001 IEEE Symposia on Human-Centric Computing Languages to be held in Stresa, Italy September 5-7, 2001. Selected students will be given the opportunity to interact with industry pioneers in visual, end-user, and children's programming languages. This is a unique opportunity to present and discuss their ideas with some of the academic and industry leaders of the field. The special workshop is designed to provide a unique opportunity for new researchers in the field to become acquainted with and exchange ideas with many of the recognized leaders. The special workshop will be combined with a special session of HCC, featuring Alan Kay, Alan Cypher, Ken Kahn, and Alex Repenning, and with the HCC Symposium on End-User Programming.

Participation in this special NSF sponsored session will by invitation based on materials submitted to a selection committee. Criteria to be used by this committee include that selected students are actively working on a graduate thesis (Ph.D. preferred) in an area closely related to children's programming, computer-based construction environments for learning, or end-user programming. Selected students must have done sufficient work that s/he can talk from some experience. Materials to be submitted to the selection committee include: a two page extended abstract of their thesis work, a vita, and a letter of recommendation from their thesis advisor. Selected students will be awarded a stipend of up to approximately $2000 to support their travel and conference expenses. In return, selected students are expected to submit a two page written abstract one month prior to HCC and to make a 10 minute presentation at the conference summarizing their work.

The selection committee consists of Allen Ambler, University of Kansas (, plus Margaret Burnett, Oregon State University (, and Steven Tanimoto, University of Washington ( Submissions may be sent to any of the commitee members. Submissions should be received by July 15, 2001.


The following proposals have been accepted for presentation. The list contains the preliminary versions or - if available - the final ones.

Last update: August 29, 2001