International Workshop on Graph Transformation and Visual Modeling Techniques

GT-VMT02: Program

Friday 11.10.
14:30-16:00 Opening
Session on Geometry and Visualization
Session Chair: Francesco Parisi Presicce
16:30-18:30 Session on Frameworks and Tools
Session Chair: Gabriele Taentzer
Saturday 12.10.
09:00-10:00 Session on Euler/Venn Diagrams
Session Chair: Mauro Pezze'
10:30-12:30 Session on Components, Models, and Semantics
Session Chair: Gregor Engels
14:30-16:00 Invited talk by Martin Gogolla: Towards an Integrated Graph Based Semantics for UML
Session Chair: Hartmut Ehrig
16:30-18:30 Special session on Case Studies for Visual Modelling Techniques, held jointly with the SET'02 workshop

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